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Get ready for your visit

Vietnam's unit of currency is the Vietnamese đồng (VND), represented by the '₫' symbol. You can find notes in denominations of 200₫, 500₫, 1,000₫, 2,000₫, 5,000,₫ 10,000₫, 20,000₫, 50,000₫, 100,000₫, 200,000₫, and 500,000₫. For newcomers it can be helpful to ignore the final three zeros until you get the hang of the conversion.

If you need to change money, currency exchange counters are available at airports, banks, and official exchange centers. However do note it can be very difficult to purchase dollars once you’re in Vietnam. For most travellers we recommend using ATMs instead of currency exchange points. ATMs are widely available across the country. Maximum withdrawals for foreign cards are usually two or three million per transaction. Below are some banks with higher withdrawal limits:

Bank maximum withdrawals:

  • ANZ: 5 million VND
  • Citibank: 10 million VND
  • HSBC: 5 million VND
  • Commonwealth: 10 million VND

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